The King of Nepal

KON2From the halcyon days of easily accessible drugs to years of government intervention and a surging black market, this tale chronicles a former drug smuggler’s 50-year career in the drug trade, its evolution into a multibillion-dollar business, and the characters he met along the way. The journey begins with the infamous Hippie Hash trail that led from London and Amsterdam overland to Nepal where, prior to the early1970s, hashish was legal and smoked freely in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, and Laos; marijuana and opium were sold openly in Hindu temples in India and much of Asia; and cannabis was widely cultivated in Nepal and Afghanistan for use in food, medicine, and cloth.



Original Version published 2002

Self published Collectors item:

In documenting the stark contrasts of the ensuing years, the narrative examines the impact of the financial incentives awarded by international institutions such as the U.S. government to outlaw the cultivation of cannabis in Nepal and Afghanistan and to make hashish and opium illegal in Turkey—the demise of the U.S. “good old boy” dope network, the eruption of a violent criminal society, and the birth of a global black market for hard drugs—as well as the schemes smugglers employed to get around customs agents and various regulations.




Original Version published 2007
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Published 2012 Features the 12-1

Published in July12 2012, this easy to understand manual has made growers out of smokers, masters out of growers, and surprised master growers  all over the world with its fresh approach.

The 12-1 technique has proven a boon for growers worldwide, who are now benefiting from better medicine grown in a more natural and holistic way.

Forward written by Joseph Pietri